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About Me


The world is filled with pieces of surprises, and I wish I could experience and absorb all of them. I often wonder how my past journey has created itself and gotten me where I am right now. From 2011-2024, Minneapolis, Chicago, Shanghai, Ann Arbor, Seattle, Luxembourg. I studied Marketing, worked at Apple, talked to thousands of users, lectured hundreds of hours, became a photographer, returned to graduate school for UX research and design, tapped into the world of smart home technologies,  became a parent.

Since parenting is not thrilling enough, let's add some spice!


Here I am, pursuing a research path as a Ph.D. student. And I am still loving (and occasionally complaining about) it after 5 years.

When I am not busy doing research (which is very rare), you can find me spending time with my family in nature. As a freelance photographer, I sometimes contribute my photos in support of the creatives, and my work has been viewed close to 9 million times with over 50 thousand downloads.


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